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The Democracy Transformation Summit brought together a small cohort of women of color who are transforming democracy in their communities.

During the 3 day, in-person summit, participants had the opportunity to:

  • Learn from one another about the work that each is doing in their own community to strengthen democracy and build community power.

  • Take a deep dive into strategies, tactics, and other advocacy best practices that participants and others can learn from and utilize when working on advancing similar reforms and initiatives in their communities.

  • Co-define ways to uplift and support one another and create a peer-to-peer support network.


The Thought Leaders of the Global Majority Democracy Transformation Summit is a power building project. It builds the collective power of the women of color working to build people-power and transform the way democracy is done in their communities. 

What Happened at the Summit?

To learn more about the programming, discussion, and outcomes of the summit please read this summary report, prepared by Popular Education Consultants Inc./La Tapizca

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