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Democracy Rising does not sponsor political advertisements for or against any candidate, anywhere.

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Democracy Rising works directly with communities that are reimagining and transforming democracy to build effective organizing and education strategies, and to ensure just implementation of reforms.

Who We Are

Democracy Rising launched in the summer of 2020 with a mission to deeply engage impacted communities in the process of reimagining and transforming our democracy. Our vision is to create a democracy where all communities have political equity, are fully able to participate in the democratic process, and are empowered to hold elected officials accountable. Democracy Rising supports these efforts through voter and candidate education programs, coalition building, and cultivating a network of diverse democracy leaders. Our work sets the foundation for real, structural change that builds the community power to protect and enhance our democracy.






"Organizations like Democracy Rising are critical to the future of democracy and civic engagement in our country. Democracy Rising builds trust and engages people in their languages and communities to highlight how underserved community members can be at the forefront of a revitalized democracy. They cultivate strong relationships in communities to create culturally relevant training and discussions that challenge community members to see themselves at the center of their democracy.”

Abraham Sanchez, Community Organizer

Las Cruces, NM.

Let's work together!

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